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Mzansi Praise SAPS After What They Did To Pakistan Owned Shops - See Pictures

SAPS, Brand Owners and other law enforcement agencies during Operation OKae Molao, recovered counterfeit goods with an estimated value of R1.7 Million at a building in Johannesburg CBD. Police are always working hard to eliminate this thing of selling counterfeit goods two people, some people are always defending when it’s clothes...forgetting that the same happens when it comes to food.

There are some people who are already saying those are clothes for poor people as they cannot afford the original brands which are very expensive, those people are for getting that there is something those people are for getting that there is something quote no name brands which are relatively cheap and affordable to poor people.

It is better for people to wear non name brands than wearing counterfeits, as much as it is good for people to eat healthy food and the original brands unlike having to eat fake foods or a counterfeit of that specific brand. These people do not care about the well being of people but money, it seems like some of these people do not even realise that and keep letting the shop owners violate them.

Imagine spending your money but getting something that will cause harm to your health, or buying clothes that will get spoiled in less than a month. So people need to think twice before defending these shop owners, there are some who have been caught making their own grandpa which is a medication that people are supposed to use when they're having a headache.

No one knows what they use, so imagine having to use some powder that you do not even know is very dangerous because it might be very detrimental to you.

So before we talk or think about how affordable some of these things are, we should consider how will they affect us as people. This includes food as well because some people are only concentrated on clothing, the funny thing is that those things are not even very cheap because if you can go to a normal store and get and no name brand would get it for a lesser price than that.

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