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Faraday Taxi Drivers Did The Unexpected After Hearing A Helpless Woman Screaming

Faraday Taxi drivers rescued a screaming woman at the Faraday taxi rank in Johannesburg on Sunday managed to catch her suspected hijacker.

Police spokesperson Captain Xoli Mbele confirmed that a 26-year-old suspect was arrested by police after he was found in possession of the woman's hijacked car. According to her, two men hijacked a 38-year-old woman at gunpoint in Eloff Extention Street in the Johannesburg Central Business District. The two men jumped into her car and drove off with her.

Thereafter they dropped her off at the Faraday taxi rank where the victim started to scream for help, taxi drivers heard her call and volunteered to help her. Within a few minutes, one of the suspects was arrested and the other one managed to escape by foot. The one that is arrested is expected to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Station commander of Johannesburg Central Station Brig Ivan Perumal appreciated the good working relationship between the police and local taxi drivers. These taxi drivers did what is unexpected of them since they're known for breaking the law and being rude towards other road users and passengers. This time they have proven to the public that they're human beings too, they're able to assist the most vulnerable people like women. These days women are the target of all criminal activities that happen in the inner city of Johannesburg. Criminals are taking advantage of them by robbing them before everyone's eyes and members of the public are not doing anything about that.

This time they didn't see it coming, taxi drivers cut-shot their evil deed by helping the helpless woman. Johannesburg has become the home of criminal activities and police officials are nowhere to be seen during the execution of these robberies. The disturbing thing is that there are police reservists everywhere but during crime scenes, they just disappear. The Faraday taxi drivers did this good work while their counterparts are busy fighting, torturing each other taxis because of disputes over routes between WATA and Nancefield Association. So far over eight taxis have been torched and many people have sustained injuries due to ongoing violence amongst the two associations.

As members of the public, we need to applaud this good work that taxi drivers have done so that other taxi associations can start to teach their members that they must work hand in hand with community members and police to combat crime and woman abuse as we are nearing to sixteen days of activism against women and children abuse.

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