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In Shock| Man gunned Down At Shopping Centre In Cato Ridge While Opening Office

A 65-year-old man was gunned down at a shopping center in Cato Ridge while opening his office earlier today. Law enforcement officers were dispatched to the scene, upon arrival they established that the victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds and appeared to have nothing stolen from him. Such instances make law enforcement officers to wonder what the motive behind the shooting is, if it was about materials they would have waited for him to open and taken his possessions.

This could be a crime of passion, it wasn't only one shot but multiple shots. The person/people who did this wanted this man to lose his life. The perpetrator(s) was sent by someone to kill this man, maybe its business related since people get killed for their possessions nowadays. Sometimes business people get involved with dodgy people then end up not playing by the rules resulting to such occurrences. Hopefully the person behind this shooting will be found and sent to prison.

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