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Here's a culture that makes widows drink dirty water used to bath their dead husbands

In Nigeria there is a ritual whereby a widow drinks the water used to clean her husband's corpse, there are consequences to this if you refuse and it can also mean or be interpreted as if you are responsible for your men's death.

Mourning and rituals done at this process differ amongst the different 200 hundred ethnic groups in Nigeria. The mentioned ritual is practiced by certain people and not the whole country. This practice was done in ancient times and there are people who still chose to continue to with it. This is like when twin children were killed after their birth. Most people who still do this inhumane practice are those who are illiterate, living in villages and too attached to their roots. Poverty can also lead to this, as the husband's family might want to inherit everything their son left behind and not give anything to the wife.

This is what happens during the funeral, the in-laws immediately have a meeting where they ask the wife if she killed their son or not. They ask her to confess to the killing, and if not responsible she should prove her innocence, she must be made to drink the water used in bathing the corpse of the late husband. If she refuses, obviously, she killed the husband. Therefore, she must be punished; or the widow crosses the husband’s coffin three times, if she dies before the mourning period is over, she will be thrown into the evil forest because her death confirms her a murderer.

widow who refuses the ritual will nonetheless face stigma from her community and her family. She will be at risk of being assaulted, disinherited, chased off, abandoned, deprived of her children, regarded as a “'witch'” or as not being a proper wife, or even accused of disobeying the prevailing patriarchy.


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