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Here Are 10 Countries Where The Population Of Women Is Higher Than Men.


The world's population is estimated to be over 7.6 billion people, according to research by the World Bank.

However, in other countries, women outnumber men. Women outnumbered males in these countries. And women account for at least 53% of the population in these countries.

Here are ten countries where women outnumber women.

1. Nepal 54.4%

2. Latvia 54.0%

3. Lithuania 53.7%

4. Ukraine 53.7%

5. Russia 53.7%

6. Belarus 53.5%

7. El Salvador 53.2%

8. Armenia 53.0%

9. Estonia 52.7%

10. Brazil 50.8%

As outlined in the table above, the population of women in these countries is higher than that of men. War, a long life expectancy, and other variables are among the factors that contribute to the large number of women in these countries.

The truth is that a country's or society's gender ratio has both a positive and negative impact.

The number of men in these countries has declined as a result of a high rate of emigration of men to other countries in quest of better employment and income prospects.

In my opinion, they are ideal places for men to travel to find beautiful women to marry. What are your thoughts? Leave your opinions in the comment section.


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