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Watch: Kidnapper's Vehicle Overturned And The Victims Escaped With No Injuries

The crime of kidnapping has become a pandemic,this kidnappings comes in many shapes and forms,the most vulnerable members of the society which are women and children are easily lured and subjected to the very inhumane treatment of the kidnappers.Given the high unemployment and poverty levels in south africa,women easily gives themselves up to the very dishonest strangers who are at a later stage kidnaps them.Men with cars are known to be in a greater advantage of convincing women in the taverns and the entertainment places,for some reasons,women tend to buy into the lies of this guys and leaves with them with the hope that they'll give them something so that they are able to buy the basic necessities.Apparently,one guy travelling with two young women in Limpopo overturned his vehicle and landed it on the side of the road,the two young women who were partly naked walked out of the vehicle alive and uninjured,the motorists who were passing the scene asked the women what happened,the women replied that the gentleman slept with them and he later tried to run away with them as he was calling them prostitutes,it is not clear whether the vehicle overturned as a results of this women trying to force the driver to stop or it was because it was moving at a higher speed.the women left the vehicle without even calling an ambulance or the police,they seemed to be not interested in knowing about the condition of the driver.

Some of the women are so brave to drive with the strangers in pursuit of material things,the situation could have been worse,this is a life threatening incident which may have took their lives.There are many organizations including the police who are running the awareness campaigns about the kidnappings and the ongoing gender based violence and femicide,some women seems not to care that much about those campaigns.

Watch the video here:

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