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Road Accident

Young Man After Chilling With The Big Boys, Heavily Sleeps In Traffic While Driving

They claim the end times are often the most hazardous, and although that may be true, I don't understand why some individuals persist in putting their lives at jeopardy during such times.

A video of a young man, who appears to be in his early 30s, sleeping heavily while driving has gone viral on Instagram. The man, who was reportedly returning home from hanging out with the big boys at a night club, was caught on camera dozing off behind the wheel. After the light turned green and he did not move, they discovered he was sleeping in his car.

When one man approached his vehicle, he saw the driver was sound sleeping and had to be roused to drive away. The question now is whether or not he will make it home safely, as laws require drivers who appear or act sleepy to pull over and rest for a while to prevent accidents. In addition to appearing drunk, the man gives off strong indications of extreme fatigue. To me, it seems like they should have let him park.


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