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A lady posted pictures of herself and this is what people noticed at the background

Twitter investigators are back at it again. A YouTube content creator by the name Shawty shared pictures of herself on Instagram, little did she know that as beautiful the pictures were... they were going to embarss her. Black Twitter is full of self proclaimed investigators, so everything one posts might end up trending because of simple mistakes people notice or a simple caption. That is the case with Shawty's post.

She posted pictures of herself captioning " Let me remind you". You might be asking yourself the reason people are laughing at her post because even the caption itself is not funny. Well, the location on her post was Los Angeles, California at the background of her pictures there were cars moving around. One specific motor mobile that left the country in stitches was a famous South African taxi called Siyaya. There are no such taxes in the United States.

The Siyaya at the background got so much attention than the person on the picture. People paid less attention on how she looked on the picture and start voicing out their disappointments about the lies. When she shared the pictures all she hoped for were compliments but instead she got criticized. This must serve as a listen to most people, you can never be too careful on social media. When posting pictures you must pay attention of the background and make sure your caption or active location does not contradict one another.

A Twitter user by the username Prince Andile Zondi shared a comment" Moghil lied athi use US guess she didn't notice the Mzansi transport".

David Selemogo added " This lady lied to us, I personally have no problem with her but have a problem with her deciet". When she posted the pictures she did not think it will raise so much conversations. Read further comments

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