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Mechanic gets his tools impounded by Jo’burg Metro, this left Mzansi with so many questions.

An illegal mechanic had his tools impounded by the Metro Police for repairing a vehicle on a public road. According to the law, no person may repair a vehicle on a public road except in the case of an emergence breakdown of the vehicle, when emergency repairs have to be done.

With the rate of unemployment growing, people resort to all forms of ways of trying to fend for their families. This saw one mechanic having his working tools impounded by the Metro Police. Law is law and everyone has to abide to it.  One gets to ask if there was a crime committed here, was the guy warned so that he could at least find a better place to exercise his skill.  What ways will this mechanic resort to after being released, will he go back to make an honest living and start all over again or he will resort to other criminal acts. We have a problem of unemployment and people are trying to create jobs for themselves instead of waiting for the government to create jobs for them but clearly our efforts are futile.

Are our laws favorable to those trying to make an honest living, tweeted someone. Having reported him to the relevant Municipality and given a notice period to for him to find an appropriate place to operate was also going to be an option. Helping the guy to become legal and assisting in complying with the regulations was going to be an option too.

Being the head of the family is not easy and the pandemic has made it worse, people are losing their jobs on almost a daily basis. So a little bit of consideration should be done to people who are trying their best to make an honest living.

How do you think the Metro should have dealt with this situation? Leave a comment.

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