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How do some foreigners in SA expect sympathy when they keep doing this ?

How do some foreigners in South Africa expect sympathy when they keep committing crimes? A video was shared on social media alleging that a Pakistani foreign national had been caught redhanded hijacking goods trucks.

It was alleged in the video that he was keeping the hijacked goods for himself. The video alleged that the unnamed Pakistani national had three stores that he supplied with the hijacked goods. 

Click on the link below to get the video:

It is devastating to note how some foreign nationals continue committing crimes in South Africa. The foreign nationals are reported regularly having committed some crimes in the country. During the week, there was a report of an arrest of six foreigners, some of whom are Nigerians. They were arrested for money laundering and defrauding victims from all over the world.

The rate of crimes being committed allegedly by some foreign nationals is sickening. It would have been better if they would have been honestly earning their income. However, it is a different story.

Some foreigners in South Africa are always trending for the wrong reasons. As a result, it becomes difficult for the local members of the public to just watch and keep quiet. Talking about such a serious issue is not xenophobic, but it's a way of addressing the social problems that are being brought about by some foreign nationals.

Even though South Africa is a rainbow nation that accepts everyone no matter the skin color nor race, criminals must not abuse the generosity. The South African members of the community do not have a problem with living with foreign nationals, but there are difficulties in living with criminals.It is hard for some South Africans to view some foreign nationals as being honest when such stories of crimes keep making headlines. South Africa has no room for criminals but has room for honest people.

Compiled by Mahwira , the lord of accurate news.

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