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A video shows disgusting things that foreigners are doing to the things they sell

The issue of foreigners who have informal businesses such as spaza shops and selling items in the rurals and townships has been in the talks for extended time. The pictures have trended online of items manufactured by foreigners that are toxic to health and unhealthy for eating, such as chocolates, sweets, snacks, etc, such as things were something people never believed however as pictures showed things changed.


The foreigners who have spazas shops don't ussualy buy their products from retail store however they have created thier supply chain and create their products which are not regulated and not inspected, a lot of people might also realised that spaza shop owner don't eat their products.


However something was posted online that showed things that are very toxic and that people should know of, a video of foreigners who might be Pakistanis, somalis or such, the video shows the man packing into plastics baked busicuits, they could be seen on the video putting their bare feet on the buns before packing them to be sold for people to eat, licking and putting their tongues.


The video has gathered various replies with people saying this the things that this people are doing meanwhile there are people who say this is not.


Please tells your opinion on this video. Is it?


Thank you reading

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