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Thuso says " Cyril Deserves a Written Apology from Julius, Busisiwe and Arthur, see what people says

President Ramaphosa deserves a written apology from Julius Malema, Busisiwe Mkwebane and Arthur Fraser. Cyril needs to be in handcuffs of SA was a democracy. 

Arthur Fraser submitted a statement under oath, he lied big time. NPA after thoroughly nit-picking facts from evidence collected, he must be charged, period. 

The money was just petty cash traceable to Dubai auction bidder and there's nothing on towards, Same Dubai where we have those who don't listen to anybody, I am terrified of Buffalo Ankole

This man have patience like a Buffalo about to stampede. Be afraid, really afraid. Thuso, you're an adult. Please stop lying unprovoked. Le tla shwela masepa bafethu. Don't do it, there is respect for someone like you protecting and covering up for an alleged human trafficker and drug dealer like Ramaphosa.

Don't do it, my brother, please. That's the problem. So, Arthur Fraser didn't lie on his big age, Arthur brought evidence and a report.

1. It is confirmed that the crime took place.

2. It has been confirmed foreign money was taken and value estimated.

The president lied about the money being from proceeds because his management refuted his claim. He did PR management by hosting, Cyril Ramaphosa has never denied anything but an old man is here on Twitter every day twerking for him, don’t you respect yourself baba? 

The auction bidder complied with forex cash declaration, and he's traceable, Really wow so happy you say that Mgodoyi Arthur Fraser, Busisiwe and others must account and apologize to the President Ramaphosa. 

Eventually when the likes of Ramaphosa, his racist Broederbond criminals & Brenthurst Zionists get arrested for treason & crimes against black people, Marikana or Are Sam Molope & finally put behind bars for life, so must some of his dumb as slicking cheerleaders. The same person who is paying exorbitant prices under Cyril is saying he is owed an apology. Very painful. No baba. no need for apology. 

You read this from Sunday news24 newspaper, and you believed that. 

You need to apologize to yourself for believing false news.

Liars always lie every time to advance their propaganda. Went vile you saw trail of money from Dubai? Or you rely on info from News24 from individuals who didn't work for government , and why did Ramaphosa take time to tell us this story? So, the whole hype created by Arthur Fraser was a just premature ejaculation? 

President Zuma orchestrated the whole conspiracy, and he's disappointed, I guess its time for Plan B because the conference is fast approaching. Of course, He deserves the apology. "Sorry I trusted you to be an honorable Leader I was wrong for giving you a benefit of the doubt, I'm sorry. The sad thing is, you know the truth, but you're so deep in this sheet of lies and corruption, you're prepared and ready to be a professional crook.

Not until South Africans get a written apology from him for empty promises.


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