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Road Accident

EtvScandal|| Khanyi finally told Dintle what happened that day she disappeared at Uthuli Waste

Khanyi was playing games when an article showing Zenzele's face appeared on her tablet. She stopped plauing the game and got scared. Dintle noticed that her daughter's behavior had suddenly changed, she sat down with her and spoke with her in a friendly manner. She asked her if the reason she was shaking was because of that man that apperared on her tablet and she agreed.

When Dintle asked what Zen did, Khanyi said that she wasn't allowed to say anything. Dintle got even more curious. She kept on asking her questions until Khanyi told her that the reason she can't say anything was Zenzele threatened to hurt her mother, Dintle. Dintle was shocked that Zen would threaten a young baby. She continued to tell Dintle that she saw Zen driving the truck when it crashed into the NFH building. Dintle decided to go to Cohen with Khanyi and told him everything. Cohen warned Dintle that if Khanyi were to testify against Zen, she would be torn apart by his lawyer but Dintle assured him that Khanyi was strong just like her mother and father.Source:

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Cohen Dintle EtvScandal|| Khanyi Zen


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