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11 African suspects arrested for possession of hijacked vehicles and stolen property

When will African people come together and live with each other in peace? Like Zimbabweans and Somalians, Africans can be there for each other instead of stealing from one another. 11 African suspects were arrested in Henley for possession of hijacked vehicles and property.

The police got a tip-off and went to the area all 11 suspects were operating at. When they arrived they found an Isuzu truck, brand new car tyres and hose pipes.

Most carjackings take place in Gauteng. The slant towards hijacking is most likely an opportunistic tactic, with a noticeable increase in vehicles being targeted for their loads, particularly fast-moving consumable goods.

Drivers carrying large amounts of cash are also being targeted. South Africans should be wary and remain vigilant, especially when returning home from shopping or when goods bought online are delivered to their homes. Hijackings are often violent, and there are instances where a hostage is taken.

Although vehicle hijacking is a worldwide phenomenon, it has increased to such an extent in South Africa that it is currently regarded as one of the countries with the highest hijacking figures in the world. It is estimated that a motor vehicle is hijacked every 40 to 54 minutes in South Africa. This implies that more than 25 motor vehicle drivers become victims of hijackings daily.

Sadly, stolen vehicles are confiscated by the SAPS and returned to their rightful owners. Throughout the lifespan of these illegal vehicles, motor dealers will buy and sell them; banks will finance them; insurance companies will insure them; and the public will unknowingly buy them.

Preventative measures to take incase of a hijacking :

If possible, avoid driving in the dark. Hijackers may stage a minor accident, for e.g. If your vehicle is bumped from behind and you do not feel comfortable with the individual involved in the situation, indicate he/she must follow you and drive to the nearest Police Station or any busy public area for help.

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