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Some men are powerful, look what he did to the police officer blocking his way

Some people are blessed with power that they can carry more than 80kg with their bare hands without any assistance from anyone or anything. Several people witnessed by on the video which went viral on the internet, of a driver and a police officer.

Being police officer and traffic cop it's a challenging job which many underrated. As those two officers, you met with people of different characters each and everyday and then that demands you to remain calm at all time, even some provokes you.

There is a video which is trending on different social media platforms. On that video, three police officers on uniform stopped a men driving his private car and they were hush to him. The driver after some talk, he went inside his car to drive away Unfortunately they kept his door and one was in front.

He tried to threaten them so that they can move away from his car, unfortunately they didn't, up until when he lost his cool and pick one police officer and throw him away.


"That's a typical short man character.Kati Which hospital was he admitted".

"I’m a short person but I’m not that stupidly brave putting myself in the path of a mad cobra. My brother has no insight of the cruciality of risk assessment".


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