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Unexpected| Look what this young man found next to his sleeping woman on bed

The young man found his woman sleeping on the bed and next to her there was a big cucumber laying in between her legs.

The young man looked confused when seeing this cucumber, not knowing if his woman was trying to do salad and he fell asleep or she was trying to put it on his eyes to clean them before she sleeps.

Most of the women like to eat cucumber because it helps to clean their skin to look fresh, some also apply it on their eyes to clean them as well to look white and remove brown things inside their eyes.

However, People at Twitter turned the table around and started to think that the reason why the young lady put cucumber on the bed was a sign that he is always not at home and the young lady feels lonely. Some think this man doesn't satisfy his wife.

Let's hear what you thought about this matter

What will you do if you find a situation like this? What do you think could have happened there?


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