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"I'm Tired Of SAns Saying ZIMBABWEANS STINK" Man Cries Out On Twitter

"I'm Tired Of SAns Saying ZIMBABWEANS STINK" Man Cries Out On Twitter

South Africa, Social Media - There is a notion in South Africa that Zimbabweans smell a bit and a man on Twitter decided to adress this issue. The man on Twitter has come out in defence of South Africans, who claim that Zimbabweans smell a bit. "I am sick and tired of SAns saying Zimbabwean stink...But they are not lying. When I walk into a Supermarket in Zim, I am often disappointed by the body odour in there compared to RSA. Here is a thread to help pple with how to maintain body hygiene. In my house with my boys after." - The Man posted on Twitter. Many South Africans on the tweets replied by agreeing with him some saying that they also work with Zimbabweans and that they have also noticed a strange smell originating from Zimbabweans. The man on Twitter definitely has a point about basic hygiene but to generalize Zimbabweans, only is just bit too much. Any person can smell when they don't take a shower but to say its only one nationality is a bit too far. Let us all try not to generalise smells, with a certain nationality and let us try to be more humble when it comes to hygiene becayse not everyone had the luxury to access soap and water on a daily basis. South Africans are just assuming that Zimabweans don't prioritize hygiene, in fact most people who don't wash have some kind of odour.

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