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Malawian Man Sells His Toes And Two Fingernails For $160,000 In Zimbabwe

The recent trend in Zimbabwe whereby young persons go to a certain herbalist and sell their body parts mostly finger nails and toes in exchange for $40,000 for each is really causing controversy on different social media platforms.

Many have blamed the economic meltdown in the country as a reason for the weird decision being made by young people to sell their toes. Meanwhile Zimbabweans are not the only ones involved in this ruthless act against oneself.

In An emerging report, a Malawian man has travelled all the way from Malawi down to Zimbabwe to have his body parts amputated in exchange for money. A video released released by a Twitter user claimed that the young man said he's suffered a huge deal in Malawi so he decided to move down to Zimbabwe to sell his toes and fingers.

As we all know, each finger amputated by the buyer is purchased for $40,000. The young man in question actually sold 2 of his fingers and 2 toes which made him a total of $160,000.

He could be seen flaunting his amputated toes and fingers in amusement.

However, the recent incident has stirred up so much reactions as social media users kept condemning the act and also called on government of Zimbabwe to look into the matter.


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