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Alcohol abuse amongst youth


Alcohol was never a bad thing to be celebrated with or even having fun. And mostly when drinking with decipline and while knowing your limits. Badly things never ends well when such ideals of use to it. Some hide their feelings with alcohol and hurt friends, families and those around them. Some loose life because of such behavior and distress. Some carries pains and hurt for long then dehidrates over alcohol to create fights.

Our brothers and sisters tend to forget that the life we live we have a means to it. Even abilities to overcome the worst. Some kill and tell their stories that all was just a misunderstanding or even a mistake. So if we abuse because will blame the fact of what has happened. It's never by a mistake or that misunderstanding, real fact is that we as young teens think life can be remoted as they wish for. Alcohol is just a matter of that given time and no problems was been solved by a class of it.

The only bigger solution is that we must separate this two world's apart. And revive our problems soberly and fucused. Even if sometimes it's tougher to handle but by standing firm as to be brave. No bottle can take your dreams and even life of those without your consent. Be strong to stay sober in solving bright issues again and again

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