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Weather Warning for Parts of SA today. Here's where and how to deal with it.

Over the past few days the Weather in our Country has been erratic and unstable. With some days being pleasant and others being quite unpleasant. Today's weather forecast once again has a unpleasant weather warning for parts of South Africa. Below I will tell you which areas will be affected and how to properly deal with it. Please share to help others find this information.

Weather warning :

The South African Weather Service have issued a high fire danger for parts of South Africa. This can be attributed to hot and dry weather that will occur in these areas today. The areas that will experience this are listed below :

North West and South West Bushveld

Western Highveld in Mpumalanga

Parts of the Free State

And Parts of the Northern Eastern Cape.

There are of course ways to deal with this unpleasant weather and below I will give you a full set of tips to do so.

How to deal with Hot weather :

To beat this heat you may have to take the following steps, start by staying well hydrated and carrying a water bottle with you. If you live in one of these areas than please also dress appropriately for the weather. Also try to stay out of direct sunlight and limit your outdoor activities, if you are participating in outdoor activities than stay well hydrated throughout the day. Keep a close eye on babies, sick people as elderly people as they can have alot of trouble dealing with this weather, and ensure that your pets have a cool place to relax and a lot of water. Finally do not leave pets or children in the car alone.

What do you think of the weather today. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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