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Road Accident

The horrible accident caused by a 13-year-old who stole his fathers car left families in tears

The horrible accident was caused by a 13-year-old who stole his father's car left families in tears 


A 13-year-old boy who rudely stole his father's car ran into a minibus that was transporting over 25 school kids, the accident took the lives of more than 5 kids who were traveling in the school minibus.

The police said that the young man stole the car to joyride in the road, unfortunately, it wasn't a joyride as he caused a major accident that will affect his whole life.

The other driver of the minibus was charged with overloading as he had over 25 kids on the minibus, the 13-year-old his In a whole lot of trouble with the law because he was driving without papers.

The father of the 13-year-old was also charged for allowing a minor to drive without a license, the police said that the young man used to do what he did because his parents are allowing him to do it. Does the 13-year-old deserve to be charged for murder and for stealing a car? 

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