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Inside Nigerian Prisons Are Terrible - Photos

Source: (Inside Nigeria’s prisons where thousands languish for years without trial)

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In this article, we will get to see the states of some of the worst Nigerian prisons. Please continue reading.

A prison is a facility for people who have been judged guilty of committing a crime in some way. This facility serves as a formal means of punishing criminals, correcting them, and discouraging others from engaging in illegal behavior.

It might be debated if Nigerian prisons have the capacity to be correctional facilities, as the state of our prisons has a higher possibility of over-hardening a hardened criminal rather than rehabilitating or correcting the individual and making him fit to be reintegrated into society.

In Nigerian prisons, there are essentially no provisions for a trade and acquire skills center for inmates, as is customary in prisons in both developing and rich countries around the world. As a result of a lack of training facilities and workshops, many convicts are left idle.

There are no beds, so many inmates sleep on the floor. There are also no recreational activities in Nigerian prisons; instead, we have a dehumanizing environment, which fuels common prison violence. The status of Nigerian prisons is unfit for human living, let alone correction or reformation of prisoners.

Last but not least, there is the issue of overcrowding in these jails, allowing diseases such as bilharzia and scabies to spread rapidly from prisoner to prisoner

And the lack of a proper health care system for individuals who are not incarcerated should inform you that health care for inmates is abysmal.

Prison conditions in South Africa, a much more developed country than Nigeria, are quite similar; the prisons are characterized by overcrowding, poor ventilation, zero privacy, proper sanitation is nowhere in sight, a poor health care system, and all of the similar characteristics of Nigerian prisons.

Have you had any experience with the prison in your country? Or you know someone who has had some experience there? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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