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How have we allowed drugs to take over communities? - Nhlanhla Lux


The issue of youth dabbling in the use of various kinds of hard drugs in South Africa is gradually becoming a worrisome problem. An almost very young person in the country is involved in illicit drugs damaging their body system.

The leader of the vigilante group Operation Dudula Nhlanhla Lux while listening to some old women expressing their grievances over the use of hard drugs by their young ones has taken to social media to ask some questions on how drugs are been allowed to ravage the communities.

Some South Africans have reacted to this in different ways, take a look at some of their responses below;

@HenrietaMongalo tweeted,

"It's painful. Families have lost loved ones to drugs. The nyaope girls and boys roaming streets are families bundles of joy. They were once the only hope of light in their families."

@TaliSophazi2 tweeted,

"Children as young as 10 are smoking. Where is the mother? What is our role as mothers?"

@Khizzy_Khabzoh tweeted,

"This is so painful."

@KathoParliament tweeted,

"President of presidents. Commanders morning, all community parliaments morning."

@fuckshid4578024 tweeted,

"The more foreigners buying cars at SMD the more the kids on the street dying of nyaope, that's must come to an end."

@GiyamMr tweeted,

"And u guys buy alcohol with your money. Who’s to blame here? Cowards."

@fuckshid4578024 tweeted,

"This is very painful and very frustrating."

@mirno67570786 tweeted,

"Do your part young man. And don’t forget those will protect with their prayers."

@mpho_abutiSA4 tweeted,

"You the President no one will take that away from you Commander morning."

@ikwikwi4 tweeted,

Let me tell you, if you can solve the drug and alcohol problem of any society, you have solved MOST of their problems because these are the vices that feed most others."

@mkay_ramz tweeted,

"This is heartbreaking. Many children have nothing to do and also our universities can’t take in all of these kids, while there are no jobs for those left behind. my brother was in this category. he was depressed and didn’t know what to do and drugs were an option."

@mkay_ramz tweeted,

"My Aunts Son is on Nyaope and his always been the sweetest, most respectful child in the family even on drugs you can still feel his old presence. It’s heartbreaking, his mom chased him from home because he started selling off her things for drugs, imagine the pain."

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