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Sensitive video of a white farmer shooting & killing a black man who wanted his father’s cows.

Death not be proud. A sensitive video showing a brutal murder of a young black man. Cattles are the reason why this white farmer shot and killed this young man. It is alleged that there was a misunderstanding, between a group of black men who went to a white’s farm to get what belonged to them. No one wants to be robbed of their inheritance. These cattle have the right owner, and deserve to be owned by the rightful owner. The man who was killed in this video was unarmed. The matter could have been resolved without conflicts and firearms. Unfortunately, they made an irrational decision and ended up killing someone. A murderer should be held accountable for his action. The legal route could have resolved this matter, as everyone could have gotten the chance to explain to the judiciary, about their ownership of these cattle.“All that Qiniso wanted was to take his Father's cows home! That's all he wanted. It was an emotional day for all of us who attended his funeral today. A white farmer killed an unarmed 17 Year old. He killed him and yet our media says nothing about it!“ Those who were close to this young man have had a hard pill to swallow, after the tragic loss of Qiniso. He wanted what belonged to his family, but the armed white man could not resolve the matter in a civilized manner.

Qiniso has been laid to rest and his family is looking for justice to be served. No one should lose their life in this manner. Being gunned down for wanting what belongs to you is a traumatic experience for the family of this man. “All I can tell you it's to better support Qiniso's family. If there is hope this government or it's law enforcement will show Justice, it's a waste of time. They don't care; they've shown this many times. They'll rather run around chasing Twitter users”


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