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Zozibini And Other SA Celebrities Call Out Euphonik On Twitter

Twitter was abuzz on Sunday when rape accused Euphonik caused a rant by turning his rape case into a joke. Celebrities had to come in and called him out, including Zozibini Tunzi.

Euphonik trended for the wrong reasons on social media about a month ago, when a woman known as Ms Madikizela accused him and DJ Fresh of rape.

The pair's accusations saw them being terminated by their radio station 947, pending investigations. The station claimed that their release was not purely because of the rape, but wanted Fresh and Euphonik to focus on the allegations.

Last week a publication came out and claimed that the pair have been cleared off their rape charges. However, the woman known as Ms Madikizela publicly said that her lawyers are still fighting for the matter to go to court.

Pending the rape's investigation, Euphonik played a few nasty games on the socials, trying to derail the public from the matter at hand and possibly the victim.

Euphonik started by posting a screen shot of what seems to be a WhatsApp message sent by the accuser to him. On the message, the accuser is seen begging for forgiveness.

The DJ posted the fake WhatsApp message and had a caption that says: " You didn't know what you were doing".

That wasn't enough to try and shame the accuser as Euphonik added another post insinuating the rape case. On The post there is an investigator holding a magnifying glass, followed by laughing emojis.

Female celebrities were not at all impressed with the level of prematurity from the DJ and called him out. First to do so was actress Boni Mbuli, followed by Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi and Boity Thulo.

Boni Mbuli tweeted by mentioning that, she is in full support of Ms Madikizela and that she should not let Euphonik derail or intimidate her. While adding that Euphonik should let his lawyers deal with the matter.

Zozibini Tunzi came in with a subtle tweet that defines her personality, saying that it is sad that the justice system in this country is reluctant in dealing with people who are in power.

Boity called it off by saying that the DJ is showing signs of guilt by playing unnecessary mind games and should stop the premature act.


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