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"How did the enter the country" -City of Joburg citizens slammed SAPS operation

Thousands of fake nike shoes discovered by police in Johannesburg sold by foreign owned shop, citizens said that the city has been turn into a unrully city as it is control and owned by foriegn who sell fake products making difficult for south africans to do business against the notorious foriegn shop owner who are running business based on fake products .

After a tip off Multi-disciplinary operation lead to the confiscation of counterfeit goods worth millions of rands.

This operation was a joined operation by the South African Police Service, Johannesburg Metro Police Department, Customs Officials and Brand holders raided buildings in Johannesburg Central Business District where they confiscated counterfeit goods were calculated and estimated to value of R24.5 million. 

The police searched and seizure order from court to confiscate these fake products after a tip off was received about the buildings that are storing counterfeit goods in Johannesburg. 

Products that have been seized included local and international brands of sneakers and clothes.

Joburg dwelleres also adviced the police to Check out on the manufacturer and ports of entry because these cargo are busy delivering along the ports.

It will be a useless effort by the ruling party to becuase this is just a weak crime prevention strategy the must block the products from entering country becuase going shop to shop will just waste their time and money.

It the SAPS dont have right strategies to combate crimes then they should consult otherwise the countries.

Goods worth over R24 million is a big figure. And show that someone is not doing his job right .

The big question lies to you as SAPS How did the goods pass all the security apparatus to be on the shelves.The problem is within SAPS regulatory organisations not with the owner of the goods.

The will always remian how are these goods entering our country and by a passing customs.


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