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Rape Obscene

These two women have been arrested for allegedly raping an 18 year old boy

Two women have been arrested for raping an 18-year-old kid, who claims that the two women had been trying to get him to date them, but when he refused, they tied him up, assaulted him, and then raped him.

Rape charges have been filed against the two ladies who were taken into custody by police. A long period has passed, according to the women's victims. Lucky for him, he escaped unscathed and promptly went to the police to file a rape report.

For the first time ever, this shows that males can be victims of rape from women as well as women. People don't disclose these crimes out of fear of being laughed at.

These crimes are widespread in Mpumalanga, but the majority of victims don't come forward because they don't believe that men can be raped, and so don't report it to police.

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Source: SA/status/1555781411377913857?s=19

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