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PAINFUL| Nurses Refuse To Help A Dying Woman And Her 2-Year-Old In Vleinfontein, Look Why.

The citizens of Vleinfotein, which is located within the Vhembe District Municipality, are furious as a result of a tragic event that occurred when a woman who was on her deathbed was denied entry into the clinic. The incident occurred when the woman attempted to receive medical treatment at the facility. Everyone's hearts were broken by what happened.

It was said that a troubling event took occurred in Vleinfontein when an employee of a clinic refused to let a lady who was in the latter stages of her sickness into the facility. The woman was reportedly close to death at the time.

It was late in the day and quite dark outside, so the medical experts at the clinic reportedly turned down the opportunity to assist the mother and her kid, who was 2 years old. They cited these factors as the reason for their decision.

The elderly woman who was nearing the end of her life was abandoned in front of the Vleinfontein clinic and was unable to receive assistance because the employees there refused to provide her with the assistance that she requested. As a result, she was unable to get any help during her final moments of life.

The fact that the health department and the Vleinfontein clinic recruited the nurses to help the patients despite the fact that they still allowed a lady to die away from the entrance is quite distressing.

The event that took place this evening at the Vleinfontein clinic has certainly left a lot of people rattled up, and at this point, they are looking for explanations as to what went occurred.

Even if there is assistance offered by the government, it is quite obvious that some people will still be abandoned to their deaths, and even if that support is provided, some people will not get the assistance that they require. Even if there is assistance offered, it is quite obvious that some people will be left to their deaths.


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