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Max Mqadi allegedly saved by his iphone during a shooting, take a look at full story

To this day no one would entirely believe that a mere phone can save someone's life and it has done that recently and it has made history saving a person's life.

Max Mqadi was involved in what could have taken his life and his Messiah "IPhone" saved his life as seen in the pictures currently trending across all social media platforms.

It seems as though after the gun shot was fired the pulled his his iphone and could not proceed or penetrate to hit him and there and there his life was saved.

DJ Shimza took to his page on Twitter and said that "We were almost robbed of a township hero an inspiration to some of us, speedy recovery"

To this moment it is still unbelievable how a little gadget can save a person's life and the reasons behind this attack is not yet known to the public and thus page will keep you posted with the proceedings.

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DJ Shimza Max Mqadi


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