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"I don't know if I should pass or?" - Calvin Asks On Twitter After Seeing This On The Ground

A Twitter user by the name of Calvin was caught in two minds as he was walking and found a seemingly full and unopened bottle of Savannah Cider alcoholic beverage.

"I don't know if I should pass or modimo ofa ka letsogo😭😭💔" - He wrote.

Calvin found himself conflicted as he did not know whether to simply pass and continue walking, or if he should pick it up and drink it, so he took a picture of the bottle of Savannah Cider and asked people on Twitter to advise him about what he should do, and people did not disappoint...

"Take it, go to the nearest bar return it to the counter and ask for a cold one."

"People can open and close those bottles without damaging the cap. Pass"

"He must break the bottle and pass"

"Stop overthinking and just drink it"

"🤣😂😂seems to good to be true, someone's probably waiting on you to act"

"Drink brother it's a gift from God"

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