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Granny(75) caught with drugs but blames it all on her 21-year-old husband

75 year old granny was caught carrying drugs by the police but she decided to blame it all on her 21year old husband. "Yes you heard it right her 21 year old husband" it seems that people are more interested in the fact that this 75 year old woman is married to 21year old boy rather the fact that she was caught carrying drugs.

The 75 year granny was caught carrying and selling illegal prescription drugs and other illicit substances in het bag.when she was questioned about them she decided to blame it all on her 21 year old husband.

The 75 year old woman was arrested for illegal possession of drugs, it's alleged that the 75 year old woman was selling these drugs accompanied by her 21 year old husband.

Who she later threw under the bus by blaming everything on him say he was the master mind of the whole operation.

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