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Road Accident

New traffic lights in Cape Town show how much more advanced they are. Opinion.

You most probably recognize the traffic light pictured below, this style of traffic lights are prominent all over South Africa and have been for years. However that may change for Cape Town, after a man posted a video showing what is allegedly their new traffic lights. Here's why this perfectly illustrates how much more advanced Cape Town is than the rest of the Country.

A video posted to social media site TikTok, shows what one man encountered in Cape Town.

In the video we see him driving in the road and everything looks fairly normal, However before he comes to the stop street a line of lights on the road turn red. This indicates that he should stop, like a normal traffic light. However now it's more prominent.

While not much information is given on why this new type of light was installed and whether it was just this one location or across the City, it does show us that Cape Town is making significant advancements in road safety.

While I don't believe that this new type of traffic light will replace the old one, it does have significant advantages over it. Some of them being that instead of just one light telling the drivers what to do, their is a lot of them, making it much harder to miss. This also means that instead of the traffic light and the road being separate things, the road and the traffic lights are integrated, with the road itself telling the driver whether to move forward or not.

I believe that taking small steps like this to protect people and trying to change things that have been common in our Country for decades, is why Cape Town is much more advanced than the rest of the Country. As it's actually moving forward in infrastructure advancements.

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