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Avoid handing out Money to stay on the safe side

As December approaches, people will generally request cash, which could result in a disastrous outcome. People have come out to warn you not to give money because it could be used against you. Another amazing event has South Africans puzzled after an R20 note was found tied to a tree. According to the information, the cash was tied by someone who wanted to hinder whoever gave them the money's methods.

It is extremely pitiful that people give money in good faith without realizing that it may cause them problems. South Africans are alerted against such activities because the money you give them is frequently used against you. This is thought to be witchcraft.

The R20 note will cause the person to no longer be able to obtain cash or, more regrettably, to lose everything they have worked hard for. Individuals have died as a result of such occurrences, and they have suffered significant losses in their lives. Others are demoted for unexplained reasons. It's all because you gave someone your money and they used it to obstruct your strategy.

Instead of offering people your money, buy them what they want. This R20 was found tied to a tree, and this is the final attraction when you give them your money. They do this to obstruct your ability to obtain funds. You won't be able to save anything, and you might lose everything. According to Kedibone, the impact of money on people is risky, so stop giving it to people directly from your wallet or purse.

Reading this makes me feel terrible. How can anyone think in this manner? Mami, your good heart will not fail you. Forget about the unappreciative. May God continue to bless your wonderful heart for someone like me who has benefitted greatly from your people who give several times. According to a Facebook follower, they are a massive boon to this era. 


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