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Road Accident

Look what attempted car hijacking resulted into in Chatsworth

An attempted car hijacking at Lenny Naidu Drive in Chatsworth resulted in a car driver losing control of his car after he was shot at, by unknown suspects. Apparently, the driver of the vehicle stopped and bought vegetables: and few seconds late three suspects carrying a gun tried to hijack him.

However, the driver didn't stop immediately. And the suspects shot him. And that's when the driver lost control of his car. Unfortunately, it has since emerged that the driver didn't survive after his car lost control. As already pointed out above, the incident is said to have taken place in Chatsworth.

The vehicle tracker on its official Twitter account shared the video clip showing how the whole incident unfolded. And a link has been attached, and readers may click on the link to see for themselves, how the incident unfolded. It would seem things criminals are relentless in trying to hijack cars. Week in, week out, in South Africa, reports always emerges about cars being hijacked or an attempted to be hijacked.

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