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Hijacking a Mustang car has never been so heartless, watch how it all happened and stay alert.

The crime of car hijacking has been rising so much in South Africa and the South African Police Service (SAPS) seem to be too relaxed or too quiet about it. A video has been trending on twitter which was showing one of the most heartless hijackings which happened recently in the contry. This one happened in Honeydew in the city of Johannesburg, Gauteng province.

The video was shared by a man called Yusuf Abramjee with a twitter handle of "@Abramjee". In the video, a red beautiful ford mustang was hijacked by men who were driving another white car which came and parked behind the mustang. The insintance happened right infront of the house of the car owner and no one came to help the poor victim as he was being hijacked. The suspects were three and one of them had a big gun in his hands which he pointed at the victim and commanded the victim to come out of of the car (the red mustang).

People commented on how much they really feel sorry for the victim and suggested that people should start looking at the rear view mirrors at all times when drivig. It is obvious that crime is difficult to be stopped but we can all try to avoid it.

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