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Lady turned into a laughing stock after bragging about the grocery she bought

By Ronewa Ramulifho

Grocery is so expensive these days , not everyone can afford like before. There is someone who decided to post the inside of their fridge today . People were impressed with what was inside it until they took a closer look on what was put inside the fridge.

There are some things that are not meant to be put on the fridge, like your eggs , peanut butter etc . If you double check on the picture you will notice that those things are inside the fridge.

Not eveyone was impressed with what the person did because of how others are suffering out here . It was just not necessary for him/her to rub it on people's faces that they can afford grocery. Checkout the comments below :

Bullies are always ready for everything and everyone who want's to make others feel small. They deal with them immediately.

Content created and supplied by: RonewaRamulifho (via Opera News )

Ronewa Ramulifho


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