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Foreigners Are Being Removed From Eikehof After Being Told By EFF To Land Grab

Unfortunately this is the result that you get if you move into the land of someone who you do not know or that does not belong to the person who instructed you to move to, you will get evicted from the premises and have your structure demolished.

The law does not recognise such things where people come to an area and start hijacking people's land as it is a very illegal thing to do, because now it infringes on the rights of that individual who has procured that place and makes it tough for him to even do the things that he planned to do with that area.

So now the Economic Freedom Fighters are included here because not so long ago they had instructed a group of people to simply squatter on the piece of land, and these are the result of their actions.

Now it seems like the police have been called, a court order had been granted and the bulldozers have come to demolish any structure that is built which is completely illegal and those people have nothing to say about them.

Now it's painful because they have established themselves in the area and they basically created a community of criminals, it is alleged that these are individuals who are also very dangerous and it has contributed to the crime that is happening around the area.

These are impoverished people who are forced to find ways to make a living and some of them look towards crime to get by, completely disadvantage ng others in the vicinity of that area.

It seems like the authorities are quite serious when it comes to demolition such structures and unfortunately there is nothing that a lot of people can do about it, this is also happening at the very large scale.

There's only certain people that you can muscle out of an area and unfortunately other people cannot be easily taken out of that place because of their influence, and certain things.

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