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White man shouts for help as the Police officers keep beating him up in public (Video)


A white man found himself in a serious trouble, it is unknown how the attack took place. On social media a video were he got beaten by officers set tongues wagging, after it was noticed that he was selfless having no weapon with him.

The office officers were using their sticks to beat him up while his relatives were shooting the video unable to help him get away from the jaws of angry officers. It is alleged that the man being beaten was trying to report a missing person however the officers attacked him instead. The story about the attack is hidden and so far a clip is showing the moment when he is being attacked.

Some people claim that he could have said something to the police or he was reporting on something that is not valid. The accused's relatives can be heard shouting at the back crying on his behalf to be set free. Unfortunately officers took off their jackets to give him a better beating in front of those taking a video.

The scene took place in town called fish hoek, people justify the his action as bad while some claim that he could have done or said something that angered the officers. What is your say about this video leave your comments below.

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