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Theft robbery

IS THIS NOT TOO HARSH? After he was caught stealing, See what the owner of the house does to him

Some people are becoming more sluggish by the day and nevertheless need rapid cash to survive. Some people, in their need for money, turn to stealing and vandalizing others in order to take what they do not labor for and the soil for survival. Which, in my opinion, is unquestionably wrong since one should not take what they have fought so hard for.

Cases of home breaking continue to rise in South Africa, with thousands of cases reported practically every day. Some people have accepted it as normal to break into other's homes at night to steal. Many people in the suburbs have installed electrical fences to prevent such illegal acts by lazy people who do not want to work.

A man was apprehended stealing something from an undisclosed location. In the footage, the robber can be seen being apprehended by the owner of the residence. When he was caught, the owner of the house chained him to the gate and began kicking and beating him. Furthermore, he requested Pitbull's assistance in dealing with the thief. The pit bull and its boss may be seen in the video attacking the thief.

Following the publication of the post on the South African Car Tracker South Africa Twitter account, Many people were pleased to see how the house's owner handled the robber. Some individuals in the comments section also stated that the owner was right to serve him for breaking into his house uninvited.

Most South African communities are resorting to operation clean-up, which involves burning and roasting offenders. They claim that the cops took awhile to deal with them and that they are tired of them. They would rather deal with them personally, which is incorrect because the police should be allowed to do their job.

What are your views and thoughts on the matter of the man attacking theif himself but not reporting to the police station? Drop your comments below.

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