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After A Guy Failed To Get A Taxi Home He Went Inside A Burger Shop And Did This

It can be difficult to get around in some parts of South Africa at night, especially if you're staying in an area where public transportation is scarce. In the calm suburbs where many people own vehicles, this is a common difficulty to encounter. People who live in such places still use public transportation, however.

On Twitter, Dj X'O, a South African man, posted a story of what he had done when he couldn't get a ride back home and it was late in the evening. This man claims to have gone to the local Burger King, then ordered a takeout order through an app to have it delivered to his home. After he had picked up his lunch, he requested the driver for a ride home because he knew the driver was going to his house. 

Many individuals found the story amusing and unbelievable at the same time, claiming that the majority of persons who deliver food do so on scooters rather than in cars. 

New food delivery services that use real cars, on the other hand, have just emerged, and they could have made it easier for him to acquire a ride. The things that never happened have been added to my list. Because you didn't want to use the Uber app, you used the Uber Eats app "Twitter user: Sipho commented on this person's tweets. 

Some questioned why he didn't just call an uber and go back home, but he explained that the delivery charge was far less than the uber fare back home. 

Transport issues in South Africa can be tackled in a variety of ways. Another Twitter user commented on my tweet. 

Because they couldn't believe it had happened, many felt the poster was merely creating a prank to amuse everyone. As passenger transport in delivery vehicles is uncommon, it is likely that this never happened.


Content created and supplied by: Anne Koch (via Opera News )

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