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Difficult time. A taxi driver was beaten by his boss for not making enough money.

MEN TAXI drivers are having a difficult time. Because many people are no longer working, drivers say they don't make as much money as they used to.

Worse, they claim that cab drivers refuse to comprehend the situation. Taxi driver Nkululeko Mapupa from Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni, was allegedly beaten up by his boss after failing to meet his daily objective.

"He kicked me and struck me with his fists, claiming I owed him R1 500."

The taxi driver, who transports passengers between Etwatwa and Benoni, estimated that he would earn R500 per day.

When he tried to explain to his supervisor that he had spent some of the money on gasoline, he said he was ignored.

He added, "I work hard for that man and he still doesn't respect me."

Nkululeko stated that he will file a complaint. He informed the Benoni Taxi Association about the incident.

"He hasn't paid me in five weeks, and when I demand payment, he claims I owe him R1 500." Automobiles, too, require gasoline. He stated, "We are not driving with air."

Nkululeko claimed that having family duties was the source of his rage.

He just considers himself. "Others don't matter to him," he explained.

Sibusiso Mashaba, the taxi owner, claimed he will pay Nkululeko Mapupa the money he owes him. He remained silent about the assault.

Mduduzi Mntambo, the association's head, stated that cab owners are not permitted to assault their drivers. "Depending on the extent of the harm, the owner may be punished or have his membership canceled."

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