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Road Accident

Taxi driver expose why passengers should not sleep during a taxi ride (Watch Video)


In countries like South Africa public transport has been number priority to majority of people who don't own cars. A taxi driver shared disadvantages of sleeping inside a taxi while the driver is on the road. The driver shared a video on social media explaining why they sleep and cause accidents on the road.

He said its because some passengers tend to sleep during the journey. Causing everyone inside the taxi to fall asleep easily. He said such is mostly done by old people and pregnant women. Since they tend to fall asleep easily during a ride. On the video he showed all his passengers were asleep. Proving exactly what he tried to tell the public, driver said it is ok to be sleepy during a ride but such causes the driver to fall asleep too.

Looking at the video he shared all the Grannies at the back were all asleep. Man couldn't help but tell the public what this means.

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