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RIP| She sadly passed away in the most painful and cruel way


Gender Based Violence is a crime that refuses to end, in this country, not only that but it is one of the country's biggest challenge. It is considered to be a second pandemic in the country.

Women are killed everyday in the country, most of them are sadly killed by their partners. Getting into a relationship is slowly becoming a very scary thing for women, because many women do not come out alive.

The rate of femicide is at its highest, and this is some that does not stop, infact it is getting worse. The cases go highers with each day.


Men who do this have no sympathy or what so ever, they do it in a very cruel way. We have seen cases where women were killed with knives or stabbed to death, shot multiple times and some are burnt to death.

A mother, Jackie Naidoo from Phoenix in KwaZulu Natal is one of the women who was killed in a very cruel way.

The 35 year-old woman was sadly burnt to death. According to the source Jackie's partner burnt down her apartment with her inside, her body was found on her bed.

The source revealed that the suspect was arrested and in police custody.


Its a scary thought, that someone who had claimed to love her would do something this cruel to her. Killing her in such a cruel manner, this is possibly the most painful way to die.

The life of a person is taken as if it is something so meaningless.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.


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