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SA’n killed brutally by Botswana Police after Cash In transit Heist in Gaborone. See how many died

Picture Nine asserted cash on the way criminals from South Africa and Botswana were killed by police in Gaborone, Botswana's capital. The two nations were addressed by suspects. As indicated by Deputy Police Commissioner Dipheko Motube, the firefight started Wednesday evening when a money on the way truck at Botswana's biggest shopping center was trapped and ransacked by 11 vigorously equipped men. Regardless of the way that the looters escaped the region, police found and defied them at an area right outside of Gaborone. A 30-year-old Motswana lady has been captured and is being held in authority.

Police say a team captured roughly 200 suspects in a money on the way heist | News Article

As per Motube, the site was found with four handguns and an AK-47. He states that the overwhelming majority of the assets has been recuperated. Eight individuals from a money on the way posse were killed recently in a gunfight with police in Rosettenville, a suburb in southern Johannesburg.

They showed up in the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on Monday, and the matter was dismissed until the third seven day stretch of the following month. The court heard from the ten men who were kept after Monday's gunfight with police in Rosettenville. Alongside murder and endeavored murder, they are accused of having unregistered guns and ammo, explosives, commandeered vehicles, and plotting to submit a money on the way robbery.

Eight individuals were killed in a shootout with police, including one who was shot in the head. One of them was a previous SANDF part. Seven of the suspects stay at large. Four cops were harmed during the gunfight, one of whom kicked the bucket soon thereafter in the clinic.

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