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Beware Of Signal Jamming Robber Who Terrorizes Victims In Johannesburg


The car was jammed at Engen on Grant Avenue Johannesburg this morning, there are many motorists who have went through the same incident where they got robbed of their possessions this incident is very painful because when you come back from inside the shopping centre ir mall you find out that your possessions are missing from your vehicle.

This trick is very effective on many people because it leaves them without knowing who to accuse of stealing the items, because most of the time the perpetrators of the crime would have long gone.

The suspects waited for the lady to get out of the vehicle and lock it but before she activated the signal jamming device, which intercepted the signal from the remote and the vehicle didn't lock but she didn't know that it didn't lock.

When she was going inside the mall one of the perpetrators of crimes was tasked with following her and monitoring her actions, where the other one went straight to the vehicle and pretended to be someone who was possibly a owner or someone who knew the owner of the vehicle.

He then reached inside the back of the vehicle and took the possessions of the woman, that included her cell phones and other valuable items.

The suspect managed to get away with the robbery that is why the people who got robbed are pleading with ordinary citizens to assist them in finding the perpetrators of crime, or to at least be very careful for their own good.

The suspects are very aware of the actions of citizens whenever they come to those areas, it is clear that they were following the victim and monitoring her actions before pulling off the robbery. On the other hand it was impossible for the victim to know that he was being robbed and perhaps the people inside the mall are very aware of the actions of the perpetrators of crimes in the premises.

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Engen Grant Avenue Johannesburg


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