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Maporisa buys expensive jewelry.

Apparently Maporisa has bought himself a R 1,5 million wacth according to one Tweeter user.


With this type of wacth that costs an arm and a leg , I would ensure that the wacth has insurance, and that there is high security Intel at my place of residence. It's a high risk asset to have in the house. With the price tag on the wacth I would have a special day during the week , I would wear it and make sure that everyone knows that I'm expensive. 😉

Unfortunately not everyone was thrilled about hearing this ad some were saying why is he not helping those who are less fortunate in the South African economy. I would not necessarily agree with this as it's not his job to take care of people, it's the government's job to ensure that people below the poverty line have food.

Here are what some tweeps had to say:

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