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Stop Abusing your Helpers:See what A This Lady Did to her Helper that Left Mzansi Speechless/Opinion


Getting a helper is now a usual thing among black people. before it used to sound cringe to say that you had a helper considering that we were coming from the apartheid era .But now that many black women are working and have less and less time to look after their families they hire helpers to help them do so .

However some people are so mean to helpers and start seeing them as slaves .A whatsapp conversation has gone viral on social media after a helper revealed how much her boss was paying her.

The helper said that they had agreed to pay her R3000 but now that its monthend and she must get her money .The lady boss started deducting the money for things she was using in the house .See below.

She madam deducted things like muffins she ate, sweets,food she ate and even soaps she used to bath with .At the end of her deduction she was left with R1000 .

Honestly this is pure evil if one cannot afford to hire a maid or helper .Then please dont hire one .Its clear the lady just wants someone to work for them for free .How can you make a helper pay for the muffins she ate at your house .

This lady must be taken to the CCMA .She exploited the helper .If she refuses to pay her full amount she must ve arrested because those are not the things that you deduct from a helpers salary.

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