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Immigration policy

Finally || The most Notorious Dangerous man got Arrested.

Last year PRASA spokesperson confirmed that 90% of arrests made for railway cable theft were foreign nationals. We have a serious problem with foreigners especially African migrants. Mass deportation is the only solution. Build a strong wall with strong military presence. South Africa should now start to cut any diplomatic ties with these Zimbabwean or Nigerian country's. Yes there are good citizens from there who want a better life but all that is being shadowed by criminal activities of their country men.

Today South Africa is under siege by criminals. There are multiple factors causing this escalation of crime, but sadly our government has no idea how to resolve them. South Africa is not like a war zone, but it is in fact a war zone now. The political interference is killing the moral within SAPS. Back to basic is needed. This thing of taking a student from college straight to crime prevention or patrols without charge office experience . Student must first learn social crime to get to know the prevention. And again our politicians are part of the country's problems and far from being a solution. Pity that the police and other hard working public servants have to report to criminals. Foreign criminals are milking the country so fast by the time we wake up it'll be too late.

Here in South Africa we just realized that 80% of crime that is happening, it's always Nigerians getting arrested for human trafficking. We have a serious problem with African migrants. We call for mass deportation. Zimbabwe and Nigeria must be banned from traveling to South Africa. Their embassies must be closed. South Africans lives matter, will survive without Nigerians and Zimbabweans. They are the real pandemic here. When they apply to come to SA their names and faces should be posted publicly and citizens must be asked if we'll allow them here or not.

To stop a crime here in South Africa now. The solution is simple, bring back this bakkie below, back in the day, when you saw this coming, you run even if you didn't do anything wrong.

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