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Sensitive: A man did this to his 11 years old daughter

A man did this to his 11 years old daughter.

This has in any way got out of hand right now, I mean what so ever that this child could have done, it was not supposed to get this far. This is actually extreme and uncalled for. I don't even think there is a normal person who can ever do this to someone else. No matter what, the father of this girl deserves nothing but to be accommodated in one of the maximum prisons around the country. Even though that decision will be taken by the authorities when he goes to court, and let's hope that justice will be served. So that this situation will lead by example to those who are still continuing to practice the gender based violence. By so saying, they are even alleged to stop with those behaviours for the sake of a safe, loving and peaceful country.

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[Enough is enough, stop the GBV]

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