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Motorist Becareful: Here Is What Car Hijackers Use To Steal Cars (see pics)

Nowadays the theft and theft of cars (especially polo) is now a staple of the daily bread for many people and they do so well in such a way that the victims will never return After being tortured, well even if cars have trackers? I mean, isn't it a secret that technology has a form that should stop this and yet do this without stopping them?

 Well, you have asked yourself this question and I am telling you now that a break is about to be answered. Now this is what they use (see pictures below)

 What you see in the picture above is interesting. The robbers carry this with them when they grab or steal any vehicle and immediately help hoist the flag at the spot where they light a cigarette lighter. One of the reasons for this is that the companies that follow you can see the car they are following because the drivers in the car will not respond because there is no good identification around (closed).

 These Signal players are the ones that make you feel that the companies that are following you are working with car thieves and so on, Well no one the thieves are just knowing things. .

 Read what happened after finding jammers here

 And read what happened when this confusion was discovered here.

 Keep in mind that these units come in a variety of sizes and shapes but many keep in mind when they need to be connected to the car to be able to power and do their thing as you can see from the picture above. So if you have a car, and you know you are not using this port when they throw these jammers at any major object that could damage your equipment, I advise you to remove it.

 As a result of the removal, you increase the likelihood that your vehicle will be able to search and recover in the event of a burglary and go straight to the hijackers.

 Please share this article with friends and relatives to get a better look and re-sell the cars of others, please.

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